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5 Tips to Get Rid of a Smoky Smell from Your Home

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Smoke pours out over a black background.Smells have an immediate effect on our minds. They can trigger emotions or memories. A strong tomato/garlic smell might remind you of cooking growing up or maybe your favorite Italian restaurant. The aroma of flowers, whether inside or outside, often has a pleasant, calming effect. But there are also negative smells.

Both from smoking or if there were a fire, smoke can linger in your home. Upholstery and carpeting grabs onto smoke and won’t seem to let go. As a homeowner, what are you to do? 

Keep reading this article to learn our top tips for how to get rid of smoke smell from your home. 

Tip #1: Start with Glass and Mirrors

Don’t go running to the carpeting just yet! Hard surfaces like those of windows and mirrors attract and hold onto smoke. Wash the surface with glass cleaner or a mixture of water and vinegar. 

Tip #2: Top-Down - Now the Ceiling

Keep waiting! As you may know, hot air rises, as does smoke. Now it is time to clean off your ceilings. Use the same mixture as above on your ceiling. For the best impact, make sure not to rinse off the vinegar. 

Warning - Vinegar should not be used on waxed surfaces. Never combine vinegar with bleach.

Tip #3: Wash or Toss Soft Furnishings

Gather up all your soft furnishings. These items include bedsheets, curtains, clothes, even wall hangings, and more. Send them all through the wash (whatever can go through the wash). 

Also, know when you are beat. Some soft furnishings cannot be saved. If you are into DIY projects, you could try to re-upholster the item yourself. 

Tip #4: Carpet Cleaning Time

Here it is, the time for carpet cleaning. Shampooing, washing, and using a steam cleaner will all help you reclaim your carpet from the odors of smoke. You can also sprinkle baking soda to work on the smell. Don’t forget to vacuum it up later in the day.

If you find this project to be too tricky or expensive to rent materials, consider a professional carpet cleaning crew like Plymouth Carpet Service. Our professional staff will take care of your carpet with a deep cleaning that is helpful now more than ever with the Coronavirus. 

Tip #5: Air Out Your Home

Homes have better insulation now than they ever have before. This is great on your energy bills but can be counterproductive for your carpet cleaning. If left on its own, mold or fungus can form. After your deep cleaning, make sure to open up all your windows (doors if you can) and air the place out. 

A great trick pros like us use is by putting a fan to speed up the drying process. We use industrial fans, but box, window, or ceiling fans will help. 

Clean Out Bad Smells and Keep Them Out!

The smell of smoke can be a tricky one to get rid of in your home. Take it slow and be thorough with your cleaning and your home will be smelling fresh again. Make your life easier and get the deep cleaning your home will thank you for by giving a call to Plymouth Carpet Service. Our crews will practice safe social distancing while working to make your home cleaner and keep your family safe.