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Tips For Keeping Your Carpets Fresh

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Originally posted on 01/29/2018

A homeowner cleans a spill on their carpeting to keep their home clean and fresh.If there’s one thing in your home that shows wear and tear, it’s your carpet.  From furry friends to muddy shoes, the carpet in your home can go from looking fresh to looking dirty. The look and feel of a clean carpet will set the tone of your home, giving it a nice ambiance. Take a look at our tips for keeping your carpets looking fresh and clean.

Remove the Shoes

This is a big one. Before you or anyone else steps foot into your home, remind them to take off their shoes. The foot traffic going in and out of your home can create a mess on your carpet. Wearing shoes in the home will increase the amount of dirt and grime tracked in your home-creating an unsightly appearance on your carpet.

Vacuum Regularly

It’s crucial to make vacuuming a part of your daily cleaning routine. Vacuuming picks up the dirt, debris, and dust and keeps it from getting embedded deep within the carpets. When the dirt in the carpets isn’t vacuumed up, it can actually damage the fiber and change the appearance of the carpet. 

Clear and Clean Spills Immediately

Accidents happen. We have all spilled something, but you have to clear the spill and clean the area right away. Whether it is crumbs or a drink, make sure to pick up what was spilled and then clean the spot. Start by dabbing the area to remove as much moisture. Then, use carpet safe products to help root out any liquid that soaked into your carpet. Finally, rinse and dab the area again until it is mostly dry.

Deep Clean

It’s recommended that carpets be professionally cleaned at least once a year, but twice of year is preferred. However, if you have pets, it’s suggested carpets are professionally cleaned twice a year. Because pets go outside a lot, they tend to carry a lot of dirt and debris on their paws. Regular carpet maintenance and cleaning can help prevent them from looking dingy, dirty, and dull. 

Turn to the Experts for Professionals Carpet Cleaning 

Keep your carpets looking fresh by regular vacuuming, removing dirt and grime before it sets in and deep cleanings. For professional carpet cleaning services contact our team at Plymouth Carpet Service today!