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Warning Signs Your Carpet Has Mold

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Originally posted on 01/16/2019

A carpet is on display that has intense mold growth.When we think of carpets, we think of a plush, comfortable surface that we utilize every single day. Though sometimes our plus carpets can be prone to mold growth. Mold thrives in damp places which is why it can quickly develop in your carpet. Those minor spills of water or walking around the house in wet shoes can have more significant consequences in the long run. Here are three signs your carpet is growing mold.

Sign of Mold Growth #1: Allergies and Breathing Problems

Have you notices that either you or your family have been sneezing more? Or maybe you’re having a more difficult time breathing? These could potentially be signs of a mold infestation in your carpet. Why? Carpet mold can cause numerous health-related issues such as allergies, trouble breathing, asthma, and even bronchitis. 

Sign of Mold Growth #2: Odors

Notice anything musky? This could be the first sign that mold is present in your carpet. Mold thrives in a damp and enclosed environment, and this could give off an odor. Unfortunately, it may not be noticeable to you if you spend the most time in your home. One tip is to as your visitors if they notice any muskiness in your home. 

Sign of Mold Growth #3: Discoloration 

An easy, tell-tale sign that your carpet has mold is merely taking a look. In advanced stages, mold can develop discoloration which can make it easy to spot on your carpet. If you notice black or green spots on your carpet, this is a sign that your carpet has mold. Be sure to check under your carpet as well since the area underneath the carpet could develop mold discoloration before your actual carpet does. 

Contact Professional Carpet Cleaners to Handle Your Mold Issues

If you’ve noticed any warning signs of mold in your carpet, it’s time to call a professional, such as the experts at Plymouth Carpet Service. Stopping the mold before it gets too bad can keep you and your family safe and healthy. For more information, contact the team at Plymouth Carpet Services today.