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Keeping Your Carpet Clean With Pets

We love our pets, they’re a part of our family and we couldn’t imagine our lives without them. However, our pets can also tend to be a little messy! If you have a carpeted home, you understand the importance of clean, fresh carpets. Our furry friends tend to track in dirt, mud and debris leaving unsightly stains. Here are a few tips to keep your carpets looking fresh!

Clean Paws
If you have a pet that loves being outdoors, one step to reduce dirty carpets is to clean their paws. Keep a towel by the door and when they come in be sure to wipe away any dirt or mud on their paws. This will help stop any mud getting tracked into your home.

Area Rugs and Carpets
If you let your pet out a door that has an entrance directly into the home, then placing a carpet by the entrance of the door can save your carpet. Area rugs are great to put on high traffic areas as it helps catch some of the dirt and mud before it travels throughout your entire home. 

Professional Cleaning
Pet hair falls deep into your carpet fibers so that you may not even see them. Young or old pets may have bladder problems and make stains on the flooring. In addition, pets go outside and when they come back inside dust and debris travels on their paws and enters the carpet fibers. Homes with pets should have the carpet professionally cleaned about every 6 to 12 months.