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The Benefits of Cleaner Carpet!

Many people tend to believe that carpet cleaning is just a way of improving the appearance of their home and or business along with extending the life of their carpet as well. While both of those are true and beneficial, the more important benefits of having your carpet professionally cleaned are much more than meets the eye. The carpet cleaning process has been showed to improve the air quality inside your home as well, with a direct result being the improvement of your families health. If you have family members in the household that deal with upper respiratory issues such as trouble breathing, asthma, or even snoring than it is recommended to have your carpets cleaned a minimum of once a year according to the American Lung Association. 

Consistently clean carpets supports families and business in the constant battle of health issues. Believe it or not, health problems can arise from loose particles throughout your carpet, which turn into indoor air pollutants and circulated throughout your home or business, then breathed in by family members, children, and co-workers. Another issue to be weary of is toxic gasses which are become unconfined through activities such as vacuuming. These gasses have the ability to adhere to particles such as pet dander, allergens, dirt and dust, once these gasses latch on to this particles they are able to become trapped within the carpet. Professional carpet cleaning companies such as Plymouth Carpet Service are able to kill and remove these types of bacteria through the most advanced cleaning systems on the market. Using only the highest quality products that are safe for your home, the environment, and that will leave your floors, and fabrics cleaner, fresher, and healthier than ever.