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Prevent Carpet Water Damage

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Originally posted on 07/24/2018

A vase fell on the this carpet or rug. Left on its own, this spill could lead to further water damage in the home's carpets and rugs.If you had a flood or leakage in your home recently, regardless of how small or big it was, you must be concerned about mold growth. Once your carpet absorbs water, it won’t take long before mold begins to grow. Mold doesn’t require a lot of water to spread; all it needs is little moisture and a dark space.

So, what can you do to prevent carpet water damage? Here are several tips that will keep your carpet in excellent condition and prevent mold growth after a leak or flood.

Dry the Carpet Fast

Once your carpet absorbs water, you need to act fast and dry it up as quickly as you can. Cleaning it sooner will reduce the chances of mold growth. Try using fans to speed the process up –this dries the carpet and circulates air in the room. Note that it may take several days to dry a waterlogged carpet, so keep the fan running even for 24 hours until your carpet dries.

Get a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is a device that removes moisture from rooms. It helps to make the air feel cooler and limits mold growth. This machine will dry out the ground and the air helping you speed up your carpet’s and floor drying time.

Steam Clean Your Carpet and Flooring

All the carpets need to be steam cleaned properly to sanitize and deodorize them. Usually, if the carpet padding is damaged, it must be replaced. Buying padding is less costly than re-carpeting your entire home.

Get Water Damage Clean-up Service

A firm that specializes in cleaning up after water damage can assist you to get rid of the water in your home fast. They have the equipment, knowledge, and experience to ensure mildew and mold don’t grow or spread. The service providers can also help clean up your carpet without leaving traces of musky water or odor.

Trust Plymouth Carpet Service for all your carpet cleaning needs. Give our team a call today to get the help you need.