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Tips On How To Care For and Maintain Your Carpet

Keeping a good carpet clean and maintaining and its top quality for long require deliberate effort. It is easy to keep your carpet looking new even after using it for a couple of years. The secret is to know how to clean it and treat it good.
Regularly vacuum your carpet to get rid of dust and other dirt particles. People and pets bring in a lot of dirt from outside that may not even be visible to the naked eye. If the carpet is not regularly cleaned, it may become a breeding ground for pests like mites because of dirt. Without proper and regular cleaning, your carpet will lose its quality.

Spills cause the most damage to carpets because they can easily make your carpet permanently stained. To protect your carpet from acquiring a stain, ensure that you clean off the spill from the affected part immediately. For thick spills like food, use a blunt object or a spoon to get most of it off the carpet. Add some water to the affected area and vacuum clean to have your carpet looking as good as new. Repeat the process severally until the carpet is clean.
If your carpet already has some stains, all hope is not lost. You can use bleach like hydrogen peroxide to treat the affected area. However, you have to be cautious of any cleaning products you use to clean your carpets.

If your carpet gets any sprouts and snags, do not use your hands to pull them off. Use a pair of scissors to get the fibers back in shape. You can get rid of dents caused by heavy furniture by stroking your carpet with a coin. You must also consider getting professional experts to clean your carpet regularly, maybe once or twice a year.

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