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Tips for Keeping Your Carpet Clean This Winter

Winter is here! That means you and your family will spend much more time inside. More time inside means more wear and tear on your carpet and rugs. Between the extra foot traffic, more meals taken in your home, and pets spending more time inside, your carpets will need extra attention.

The following suggestions will help to protect your carpets and rugs during the winter months.

Put Down Indoor Mats

With so much precipitation coming down, it helps to have a mat near your front door to catch anything from the outside. If you have the chance to double down, place one mat outside the front door and one just inside. With two mats, you can knock off the snow fluff outside while the inside mat can catch the little drops. Consider leaving a chair near the front door to sit while taking your shoes or boots off comfortably.

No Shoes Inside!

No matter how much snow, slush, and grime you get off on the doormats, there will always be more. The grooves in your shoes are famous for holding extra snow that will melt off and drip onto your carpet if you leave your shoes on inside the house. It can be tempting to “just grab one thing,” but take off outdoor footwear every time to protect your carpets.

If your feet are always cold inside, consider getting houseshoes or slippers. Houseshoes are a comfortable alternative to outdoor shoes. Make sure only to wear the houseshoes or slippers indoors.

More Frequent Cleaning

With more frequent use, you will need to clean more often. Set aside an extra vacuuming time during the week. Even, if you only spot clean trouble areas on the extra pass, every little bit will help extend your carpet’s life.

If you notice your rug or carpet looks pretty rough, call in the experts to provide deep cleaning services.

Keeping your carpet clean during the winter months can be tough. If you would like to hear more tips or want to schedule a cleaning, reach out to Plymouth Carpet Service today. Give us a call at (734) 453-7450.