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How to Get Dog Urine Out of Your Carpet

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A dog lays on the floor in front of its urine stain on the carpet.Stains are one of the biggest hassles of having carpeting or an area rug in your home. Making sure not to spill drinks is tough enough. But add kids or pets to the mix, and you have a recipe for trouble. Some consider dog pee to be worse than red wine or dark juices to have on their carpet due to the distinctive smell and how long it typically lasts. 

This post will focus on the best way to get dog urine out of your carpet and the steps to take to remove stains from your pet’s indoor pee problem. 

The Easiest and Best Way to Get Dog Urine Out of Your Carpet

Sometimes your dog will get too excited or wait just too long to go outside and will pee on the carpet. When this happens, you have the smell, the stain, and how long the wetness has been there to beat. Many people don’t realize that water is the best solution to get out dog urine to initially clean out the pee. 

Steps to remove dry dog urine stains from your carpet

  • Use a UV light to find the specific location of the stain
  • Rinse the stain using water. Avoid using a steam cleaner because the heat will permanently cement the stain and maybe even the smell into the carpet. 
  • After thoroughly rinsing the area, use a pet odor neutralizer to crush the smell. 
  • Let the area completely dry.
  • If the area is still stained, use a more intense stain remover. Avoid products with ammonia and vinegar as they won’t get rid of the odor and may encourage your dog to mark its territory. 

Steps to remove wet dog urine stains from your carpet

  • Use paper towels to soak up the moisture. If there is a lot of moisture, use newspaper or towels to soak up even more. 
  • If the pee location is on an area rug, add paper towels, towels, or newspaper underneath to protect your flooring. 
  • After you have gone through a few paper towels, press a new layer down using an old shoe to absorb more urine. 
  • Rinse the area with cool water when you have soaked up as much moisture as you can. Then use the same process to absorb the water. 
  • Then vacuum the specific location on the carpet.

Call in the carpet cleaning experts

Each of these steps will help you get out the stains and smell from your carpet after your dog pees on it. To ensure you completely root out the smells and stains, call in a professional carpet cleaning company. The team at Plymouth Carpet Services provides expert cleaning options for home and business owners. We can get your carpet back to where you want it when your furry friend makes a mistake. 

Give the crew at Plymouth Carpet Services a call today at (734) 453-7450 to schedule a cleaning service.