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The Differences Between Area Rugs and Carpeting

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An area rug can tie the room together while not covering the entire room like carpeting.What do you walk on in your home?

Do you have hardwood, tile, linoleum, rugs, or carpeting in your home? Wait, rugs OR carpeting - they aren’t the same?! NO! Although many people say carpeting and rug as if they are the same, these two soft surfaces to walk on are different. Knowing the differences between rugs and carpeting will help you know how best to decorate or maintain your home.

Keep reading for a closer look at carpets and rugs and how they affect your home.

Carpet vs. Rug

Size is the biggest difference between carpets and rugs. Now, this isn’t size in general but size in comparison to the room. Rugs run about 2 yards lengthwise. On the other hand, carpets are attached to the floor and stretch the entire space of the room. Knowing the difference between the two can help you when shopping for floor coverings. Now let’s look at how each differs in a variety of ways.

1. Cleaning 

Do you have a lot of messy people or animals who live with you? Do you have rambunctious kids or puppies running in and out of the house? If so, a rug is what you need. Carpets are harder to wash and can’t be taken out for cleaning. Hanging up your rug is also an option to dry it off. Unless you have trusted carpet cleaning professionals like those at Plymouth Carpet Service, you will have a tough time getting your carpet back to looking and smelling fresh.

2. Installation

Installations are another big difference between the two. Carpets will require intense DIYers or professionals to install or remove the floor coverings. Replacing a rug is as simple as lift and go or drop and adjust. Don’t forget your anti-slip matting to prevent your rug from moving around the room.

3. Safety Concerns - Who Will Use the Room

There are safety concerns to consider when choosing between a rug and a carpet. Even with an anti-slip mat, rugs can slide causing fall risks. Young children may be prone to be in danger of slips and falls, but fortunately they bounce back pretty quickly. Rugs are not great for elderly people and those with health conditions who may catch an edge and slip. 

Getting the Best Service for Your Carpeting in the Plymouth Area

There are many factors to consider when decorating your home. Rugs tend to be better for changing style and adaptability and carpets are good long-term investments. Whether you have a carpet or a rug, make sure to consider the cleaning process. The experts at Plymouth Carpet Service are here to help you keep your floor coverings clean. Give us a call to schedule your cleaning.