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How Often Should I Clean My Tile Floors?

Having a cleaning schedule can help keep your home neat and tidy. It is a good way to stay on track with your cleaning to ensure that nothing in your home goes untouched for too long a period of time. Floors, unfortunately, seem to go by the wayside and cleanings do not always occur as regularly as they should. Below, we have some quick tips on how often to add cleaning your tile floor to your maintenance list and how to go about cleaning it. 

Before beginning any type of cleaning routine on your tile floors it is important to ensure that your floor has been sealed properly, especially for stone tile floors. Use a masonry floor sealer, preferably an all-purpose version, to seal the floor. This should be available at most major hardware stores. Using a mop or clean rags, closely follow the package instructions. Once the floor is sealed, the tile floor will be more durable and more easily cleaned.

Once the floors are properly sealed, it is a good idea to clean your tile floors about once we week. Use a mild detergent and a soft mop or rag to clean the floors. Always be sure that the soap that you are using is not caustic enough to cause damage to your tile floors. If using a new detergent for the first time, it may be necessary to test a small part of the floor in an inconspicuous place. 

Once a month, go over the tile floor with more detail focusing on cleaning the grout. It is helpful to use a small vacuum to collect any debris before proceeding with regular cleaning. 

For yearly maintenance on your tile floors, go over the surface with a wax or acrylic liquid. This will allow the surface to be more easily cleaned with soap and mild water. After waxing a few years in a row, it may be necessary to strip the floors, reseal, and repeat the cleaning procedures.

However, sometimes your tile floors need a deep clean. There's only so much a mopping and scrubbing you can do and because grout is porous, it'll absorb all the dirt and debris. Mopping can only remove what's on the surface and not the embedded dirt- which can cause the grout to be dull. A professional tile cleaner is the best bet to get your tiles looking like new again.

If you need a professional tile cleaning or a professional carpet cleaning, contact the team at Plymouth Carpet Services today.